How Do I Floss My Teeth With Braces?

Posted on January 10, 2020

Flossing with braces looks more difficult than it actually is. Many patients shy away from flossing while wearing braces because it seems difficult and unnecessary. However, flossing is even more important for those wearing braces than for those without braces. Braces can be food traps, holding tiny, unseen food particles to your teeth that attack them with sugar and cause bacteria buildup. It’s even easier for food to get trapped in teeth with braces than without braces, so you must be extra diligent about flossing.

You can use a floss threader or orthodontic floss, which usually has a built-in tongue threader to help thread floss under the wire more easily. Many people also like using floss picks, which look like little sticks with a piece of floss and a bristled tooth pick. Many of my patients prefer using floss picks rather than traditional floss because they’re simple and quick.

Whatever your choice of floss may be, know that the right type of floss for you is out there! Don’t give up because flossing with braces is tedious or time consuming because you will severely jeopardize your oral health. Try different floss that works for you. And remember, the better your oral health, the quicker you can get your braces off and show off your beautiful smile!