Dr. Garon Larsen
As a general dentist, I see first-hand the good and the bad of orthodontic treatments. I have worked with Dr. Reid Swenson and his staff for many years and I have seen excellent care and excellent results year after year. I have 100% confidence in Dr. Swenson, in his experience, his staff, and his treatment philosophy. I tell my patients that orthodontics is a huge investment in their smile, and you want it done well the first time. I recently had orthodontic treatment myself, and I went to Dr. Swenson and of course he did a great job and I am so happy with the results!

Ginny Rainsdon
Eight years, 3 kids and 3 sets of braces later we couldn’t be happier with the results. It is a pleasant environment with an accommodating and friendly staff. We always looked forward to going for a visit.

Matt Hollingshead
I went to multiple orthodontists to see what needed to be done to my teeth and Swenson was the only one who took the time to let me know what had to be done. His facility is also very welcoming and isn’t a factory like I saw everywhere else. Great staff as well.

Rita Hampton
Swenson Orthodontics is GREAT!!! When my dentist told me that Dr. Swenson was the only orthodontist around he would trust with his own children’s teeth, I figured that was a pretty good reason to use him for my children. I have been so pleased with Swenson Orthodontics, that now I recommend them to everyone I can! The staff is friendly and helpful. The office is immaculate and equipped with games and movies for the kids. Dr. Swenson does an excellent job! He is honest, (he issued me a partial refund when services didn’t take as long as he’d estimated) and gives his clients individualized attention (He called personally to check on my children and me after putting on our braces). I also appreciated that he has always been willing to research and offer me several different options to get a good end result. I simply can’t say enough about how GREAT Swenson Orthodontics is!!!

Roberta Raban
We have had a great experience at Swenson Orthodontics! Four sets of braces and we’re thrilled with the results! We have appreciated the payment plans available interest free. The office staff are friendly and professional. We needed all the reminder calls we received from the office staff, and appreciate the constant communication. Our kids think of Dr. Swenson as their friend, he genuinely cares about his patients. Our family is glad that Dr. Swenson was recommended to us. We’ve got smiles like the Osmonds…well almost!

Vanessa Thelin
Our family loves Swenson Orthodontics. We have had 3 kids in ortho care and love the results. The entire team at Swenson Orthodontics are very accommodating and very friendly. We for sure will be back with our next 2 kids. Thanks Dr Swenson

Tayla Blomquist
As a mom I love the staff, organization, and cleanliness of Swenson Ortho. As a patient, my son has liked the rewards system (he’s already earned a $10 iTunes gift card!) and how the staff listens to him. I’ve been through braces with two kids here at Swenson and have appreciated the friendly and helpful nature of everyone in this office.

Brooke Blackwelder
I am so excited to have a beautiful smile! My mom is so jealous that Dr Swenson is putting her braces on next week so we can have beautiful smiles together! Thanks for taking such good care of me and having the nicest staff!

Melanie Orozco
The doctor and staff are great! I love the layout of the office and the decor is contemporary and very soothing.. so organized and relaxing. We love all the use of technology with the self check in and the new point system. This office is always current on what is fun for kids and teens. So happy with our choice to use Swenson for our families orthodontic needs.

Katherine Harris
Swenson orthodontics rocks because they are so kind and nice to everyone. I also like to see how much my teeth are moving and improving. The staff is always willing to help. Dr. Swenson is so amazing and kind. Swenson rocks!!!!!!

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